Cuisine of Mount Athos

The Divine cuisine of Mount Athos.The food cooked by the monks on Mount Athos is a flavor-packed amalgamation of the knowledge, style and experience each cook brings to the community a wonderful medley shaped by strict dietary rules.

Now that more and more people are turning towards a healthier lifestyle and diet, Mount Athos diet is gaining the popularity it deserves: its “flock” is getting bigger and bigger – for good reason.

The virgin land of Chalkidiki’s third peninsula, the well-known Mount Athos, or Agion Oros as known in Greek, meaning Holy Mountain, is home to some of the best products you have ever tasted. Cultivated as simply as possible, with no machines used, under the hot summer sun, the products that the monks produce prove what true flavor is.

Mount Athos diet is based on the quality of the products. No artificial flavors, no spices except for some salt and pepper, no extra ingredients than the absolutely necessary ones; it is, indeed, Mediterranean cuisine at its best.

The land of Chalkidiki is more than perfect for such cultivation. Its rich soil “feeds” the seeds until fully grown, the altitude of the main land provides the perfect environment and the sea breeze adds the final touch, especially when it comes to vineyards and wines. Using best quality ingredients is what chefs find the most important aspect of cooking: for instance, the olive groves found in Chalkidiki, and especially at Mount Athos, give an extra virgin olive oil cherished by people all over the world.

But, of course, when talking about Chalkidiki and Mount Athos, it’s not only about what the land produces, but what the sea gives as well. Fresh fish of excellent quality, ideally roasted over the fire; small fish or other seafood, like octopus and squid, to eat as “meze” with your ouzo or tsipouro; and, of course, Mount Athos‘s specialty: fish for soup. Don’t leave Chalkidiki without trying a bowl first; you’ll be astonished with what you can get with just some fish, lemons and onions.

The choice is always up to you, but we can recommend a plethora of restaurants and taverns to eat at, or shops to buy traditional products, either from Chalkidiki or cultivated at Mount Athos in particular. Be it fruits and vegetables, olive oil, wines, feta cheese, honey or any other kind of food you wish to try, feel free to ask us where to find the best ones.

Yes, Greek gyros will always be in our hearts, but returning to the roots, eating healthy, and enjoying the true flavors of the virgin land of Mount Athos is what will make you experience your holidays to Chalkidiki to the fullest.

A healthy diet is not necessarily about the super foods or the paleo recipes; it’s just about the excellent raw materials, the ingredients that mother Earth so ungrudgingly has provided. The products that Mount Athos has provided.