Pilgrimage Tour to Mount Athos

Our relationship with Athos began in 1992, our first visit. During the first 10 years we experienced Athos. We walked every path from west to east and from north to south. This unique experience we wanted to share with other people as well. Twenty five years of experience makes us specialists in a guided tour to Mount Athos. We want to experience together our relationship with the Holy Mount in an authentic trip.

From the first moment were so amazed by the natural beauty that offers generously Athos, and from the monasteries of the 10th century, a unique legacy of Byzantium.

Holy relics, miraculous images, unique paths, functions, the ritual, the unique monastery kitchen, as well as fathers of Mount Athos awake for 10 centuries, holding the holy term and orthodoxy vibrant, spiritual, sacramental.

Relics and treasures are unique. Great Lavra, Holy Monastery the bag and the crown of BYZANTINE Emperor Nikiforos Fokas, various precious ICONS, GOSPELS, RELICS of many saints etc. The library contains 2,200 codes (470 parchment), 50 scrolls of film and 10,000 printed.

Vatopedi Holy Monastery kept the ZONE OF VIRGIN MARY. Vatopedi’s library preserves a medieval royal charter, the 13th-century Vatopedi Charter of Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria dedicated to the monastery. It was discovered in the monastery’s archives in 1929. Here are seven icons of the Mother of God in the monastery purported by believers to be miracle-working: Elaiovrytissa, Ktetorissa (Vimatarissa), Esphagmeni, Pantanassa, Pyrovolitheisa, Antiphonitria and Paramythia.

Iviron Holy Monastery is the miraculous ICON of VIRGIN MARY PORTAITISSAS. The monastery library contains 2,000 manuscripts, 15 liturgical scrolls, and 20,000 books in Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.he monastery has the relics of more canonized saints than any other on Mount Athos.

St. Panteleimon Holy Monastery

Today, the monastery features the architecture of a small town, with buildings of various heights and many domes. It is the largest of the monasteries on the peninsula.

Although destroyed by a fire in 1968, one wing of the monastery was used as the guest quarters, with a capacity of 1,000 monks. The monastery’s katholikon (main church) was built between 1812–1821 and is dedicated to St. Panteleimon. It features the same style found in all the Athonite churches. Aside from the katholikon, the monastery has many smaller chapels.The library is housed in a separate building in the monastery’s court. It contains 1,320 Greek manuscripts and another 600 Slavonic ones, as well as 25,000 printed books. In addition, the library has a few priceless relics, such as the head of Saint Panteleimon, one of the most popular saints in Russia. The 19th-century monastery bells are said to be the largest in Greece. There is a daughter community at the monastery at New Athos, Abkhazia.

Dionysiou Holy Monastery
The monastery was founded in the 14th century by Saint Denys de Korisos, and it was named after him. The architect decided to build the monastery in Byzantinian style. By the end of the 15h century according to the Russian pilgrim Isaiah, the monastery was Serb. The library of the monastery housed 804 manuscripts, and more than 4,000 printed books. The oldest manuscripts came from the 11th century. Today the monastery has a community of around 50 monks. It is one of the twenty self-governing monasteries in Athos, and it was dedicated to John the Baptist.

Xenophontos Holy Monastery
It stands by the sea, on the western shore of the Athos peninsula. It was built in the tenth or eleventh century. The monastery is dedicated to St George and has 11 chapels inside and 6 outside. The main church was built just prior to the Greek Revolution of 1821 and is in the neo-classical style. It is perhaps the largest on Mt Athos and has perfect acoustics.
Protaton in Karyes
Karyes (Greek: Καρυές) is a settlement in Mount Athos. It is the seat of the clerical and secular administration of the Athonite monastic state. The 2011 Greek census reported a population of 163 inhabitants. It is the largest settlement in Mount Athos.

Theotokos Axion Esti
This miracle-working icon, which is today kept on the synthronon of the church of the Protaton in Karyes, was in the late 10th century in a kelli near Karyes which today bears the same name of “Axion Estin”.

Endlessly and priceless are the sacred relics at Mount Athos monasteries and hold many, special and unique treasures of Orthodoxy. The Cloisters cells and the desert of the Holy Mountain in the southern part of the foot is also a very important piece of Athos. It is innumerable what we could say and write. Unique also the paths. The Athonite fathers have donated maps, with all journeys, from i hermitage to hermitage and to a cell to the top of Mount Athos.