Agiou Pavlou monastery

The Holy Monastery of Agios Pavlos celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of Christ on February 2. According to tradition, the monastery was founded by Saint Paul Xiropotamitis, founder of Xeropotamou in the late 10  century.

Originally founded as the Cell Xeropotamou but as mentioned Monastery in chrysobull Emperor Michael Palaeologus in 1259. The Monastery of Saint Paul located at an altitude of 140m., A 20apo the sea and holds 14, the position in the hierarchy of the Athonite monas

In the late 14 th century, the monastery came under the jurisdiction of two Serbs Xeropotamou monks in Gerasimos Radonio and Anthony Pagases that rebuilt the monastery after it had been destroyed by these Catalans looting and succeeded to be recognized again as a monastery referred to in the third Typical of 1394 in the eighteenth, then, position of the Mount Athos hierarchy. It is mentioned as an independent monastery for the first time by Xiropotamos in the official document of the patriarch Matthew in 1401.

The first and most important benefactors were the Brankovic family, despots of Serbia, where they undertook the construction of the Catholicos. The daughter of the Mara family, wife of Sultan Murad II, helped the prosperity of the Monastery with her offerings. As he sent the ‘Gifts of the Three Magi’ which had fallen into the hands of the Turks. The prosperity of the Monastery of St. Paul lasted until 16 the century with the protection and assistance of the Moldovan rulers and Wallachia. In critical financial situation was found in 18 century and came out of the predicament at the end of the century thanks to the Sacristan of Gregory. In the early 19 century, Anthimos Komninos from Serbia undertook the renovation of the wings and the Catholicos and donated many estates. During the Greek Revolution, the Monastery was destroyed and left without monks. Later, thanks to the donations of Tsars Alexander I and Nicholas I, the buildings were rebuilt and the monks returned. In 1902 a large part of the Monastery was destroyed by fire while in 1911 it was destroyed by a flood of torrents.

The Catholicos is honored on February 2 in the Epiphany of the Lord. It was inaugurated on the day of Agios Georgios and was built in 1817-1845. The Bank was built in 1902-1903 without being painted on the wall. The monastery has about 10 chapels, among opinion the chapel of St. George with frescoes of the 15  century. It also has 3 Cells in Karyes, 2 Hermitages, the Romanian Hermitage of Lakkos dedicated to Agios Dimitrios which consists of 2 Huts and the New Hermitage.

The library of the Monastery contains only 500 manuscripts and 10,000 printed books of recent times.