Mount Athos

Mount Athos Greece
What if you could offer an unforgettable experience to you and to your friends by providing them the opportunity to visit Mount Athos (or the so called “Holy Mountain”), located in Northern Greece. A rare landmark of UNESCO and a place characterized for its uniqueness and exclusivity around the world.

We are making all the arrangements for our customers for a highly memorable visit to Mount Athos. Visitors can choose between different options regarding the duration of their trip. Additionally we offer VIP tours and we can even create a program tailored exclusively to our customers’ needs. In addition, our distinctive connections with archpriests and monks allow us to be agile and to create noteworthy experiences for our visitors.
Our experienced and highly skilled guides offer to all visitors an unforgettable experience. They can communicate in 4 different languages, such as Greek, English, French, and Italian in proficiency level and they have more than 25 years of experience in the tourism sector.
25% of our customers for 2019 were returners which underlies that our services go beyond customers’ expectations and people are returning to re-experience that memorable adventure.

We have a very high conversion rate. Thought the right examination of the voice of our customers we are continuously try to improve our processes and our services to create appealing offerings that potential customers cannot resist buying. We have the proper trained sales specialists for achieving that.