Mt Athos Hiking

Mount Athos, the well-known Garden of Our Lady, is known throughout the world for its great spirituality since there are some of the most important monasteries of Christianity

. It is considered by many to be the center of Orthodoxy, while even for the Greek State, the famous Athonian State has a different status. So when we hear the term Agios Oros, it is understood that everyone’s mind goes to wise but humble monks, imposing monasteries, and truly unique and irreplaceable treasures of Orthodoxy and not only that. What we don’t think about, however, is natural beauty.

For many, the Athos peninsula is the ultimate destination for tranquility, religious contemplation, contemplation, and even meditation. For some, however, Athos is one of the last truly unspoiled destinations in Greece, if not in the whole of Europe or even the world. Apart from the purely “religious” visitors, there are also nature lovers who, in addition to the spiritual beauty of Mount Athos, want to explore and enjoy the natural world, which is unique and especially rich. Mount Athos is therefore the favorite destination of many hikers.

Simply put, climbing Mount Athos on foot is a truly unique experience. The peninsula of Athos has no inhabitants other than the monks, so it is relatively untouched by man and technology. We are talking about an area with a lot of water, with very beautiful and “wild” beaches and of course with beautiful, very dense and really green forests. It is an area where there is almost no trace of chemicals and other harmful substances associated with city life and modern production possibilities since the monks grow their food in a completely natural way. In other words, you can eat whatever you find in nature without washing it.

The climb to Mount Athos is not a particularly simple task since Mount Athos’ altitude exceeds two thousand meters, but the routes are clearly marked and the paths are clean and well maintained. It goes without saying that the route can be combined with visits and overnight stays in many monasteries that you will find on your way until you reach the top of Athos.