Hiking Mt Athos

Hiking Mt Athos. The natural beauty and spiritual ambiance of Mount Athos provide the perfect opportunity for those pilgrims seeking to combine their tour of monastic life with hiking.

With our thorough knowledge of the many hiking paths throughout Athos, we will guide you to sites providing breathtaking views of  The Aegean Sea and the monasteries that rise up from the peninsula’s rocky shores. We arrange tours to various monasteries depending on the selected monasteries’ ability to accommodate our tour at the time of reservation. The mountainous monastery peninsula of Mt. Athos protrudes, as the easternmost finger of the Halkidiki Peninsula, some 60km into the northern Aegean Sea. It is home to a multitude of Orthodox monastic houses, fortified against the raiders of history, which perch on crags and slumber in sandy coves. They shelter beautiful, ancient buildings, paintings, and other treasures. Walk on the ancient paths, contouring cliffs and crossing the wooded hillsides, that link the monasteries. Enjoy big views of the rugged mountains and the sea and the beautiful and varied vegetation. Mount Athos is a last living vestige of the Byzantine world, a unique, self-governing, monastic statelet, the eastern finger of the Greece Halkidiki peninsula. It is now a world heritage site