Mount Athos the new skete

The New Skete, the cell and the tomb of Elder Joseph the Hesychast.New Skete on Mount Athos is one of two sketes attached to St. Paul’s Monastery. It is located between St. Paul’s Monastery and St. Anne’s Skete. The skete was founded in the 18th century.In 1760, the central church of the skete (the kiriakon) was built and dedicated to the Nativity of the Theotokos. Next to the kiriakon is the chappel of the cemetery, with the dedication of All Saints.

The old name of the skete is Saint Benedict or Holy Cross, being a little further, in a higher place than today’s settlement.

Within the vicinity of the skete many graves, coins and other artifacts have been found. These findings support the hypothesis that during ancient times one of the cities of Athos was located here.

Today the New Skete is Greek and follows the idiorrhythmic way of monastic life. It consists of twenty eight kalyvae (small huts) and cells. Apart from painting, the monks here deal with wood sculpture, goldsmithing, music and a little agriculture.

In the photos, you will see also the tomb of Elder Joseph the Hesychast and his cell, in the far left part of the skete, beyond the skete’s tower.