Paul Roubekas 10 June 2022

I had the best time of my life while on a tour of Mount Athos with Athos Tours!

The team at Athos Tours are very professional.  Don’t be put off by the simplicity of the website.  Each tour can be customized to meet as many of your goals as possible.  Mount Athos is a different world, your goals have to be balanced agent the Orthodox Church’s ecclesiastical calendar, which runs the life of the monasteries and skitis.  The ecclesiastical calendar shifts a little every year.

Over the years Athos Tours have been in business they have developed dozens of relationships with abbots of monasteries and monks that maximize the number of places visited during a tour.  These relationships create a robust network of contingency options a person cannot plan for on their own.  There is no way to pack in as much as Athos Tours can buy build your own tour using the email address and phone numbers on the Mount Athos website.  The trust relationships Athos Tours have developed over the years also allow you to see thing most pilgrims don’t see.  I got to stay several nights at a home in a skiti that is not listed on the website Mount Athos website, that had a view that was so beautiful it would take more than a thousand words to describe.  This only happened because of the knowledge and relationship that Athos Tours has with the monasteries and skitis.

Mount Athos is the only place where your sense of “soul” is touched. We humans have five basic known human senses and another four internal human senses.  But none of the academic listings of human senses list the human soul.  Going to Mount Athos will stimulate your sense of “soul”.

All pre-planning emails were answered in a timely fashion with the clarity needed to avoid misunderstandings.