Gus Spenos, M.D.

My journey to Mount Athos began many months before my actual departure from the USA. Mr. Bantis provided me with detailed information regarding the numerous historical and religious sites present on the Holy Mountain which enabled me to “customize” my pilgrimage. Although I had outlined a rigorous schedule that would challenge the most experienced of guides, we had no difficulty in meeting the outlined itinerary. My pilgrimage over three days included five monasteries(including Simonos Petras, to which a visitation pass is prized and most difficult to acquire), three Kelli’s, and personal meetings with ascetic monks living in isolated sites on Athos. The paths on Athos are unmarked and pilgrims travel by trial and error, obviously resulting in delays with a risk that their destination may not be reached. These paths are well known to Mr Bantis. All aspects of my journey were meticulously arranged and completed, including all transportation and accommodation needs to and from Athos as well as on Athos. I was regularly introduced to monks throughout Athos, all of whom Mr. Bantis has personal friendships. We attended numerous morning and evening liturgical services. My personal and spiritual life was deeply enriched and much of it I owe to Mr. Bantis’ expert guidance.