Martin Schröde 22 October 2021

Dear Athanasios and Nikolaos,
this is to say thanks again for a wonderful and impressive
trip/pilgrimage to Mount Athos. The trip was professionally planned and
perfectly organized. You took care of absolutely everything: getting the
official permit for the visit (in a minimum of time!), picking me up at
the hotel, booking the monastery (probably a special challenge in this Covid 19-times) and the boat, organizing a wonderful sightseeing tour
with the opportunity to meet holy people like Monk Gabriel, etc  –
practically everything. As I do not speak Greek, you translated and
explained everything to me.
As a Catholic Christian, it was a special and unforgettable experience to
get an insight into the orthodox church. Attending the orthodox liturgy
for several hours in total, living the frugal life of monks in an
orthodox monastery for 2 days, praying with the monks, joining the monks
in their frugal meals: all this created a feeling in me which I cannot
describe. This world of men only was a completely new and different
world to me. However, that made it so extraordinary and exciting for me.
In addition to this, I enjoyed being a part of the group. All nice and
friendly people who also did their best to help me understand.
And the Mount Athos countryside: virgin nature and landscape, towered by
the holy Mount Athos itself. So beautiful! All this in a unique
political environment, the autonomous monk’s republic of Mount Athos.
It was my pleasure to have met you and join the group on this pilgrimage.
Be sure I will make advertisements for this tour as much and as often as
Thank you !!!